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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Writer problems

Now, I don’t know if it is just me, or if it is something that affects all writers… I am a habitual over-thinker! I over-think EVERYTHING!

I have loved writing my entire life; it wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I got serious with it. So I have been blindly stumbling into the world so many have stumbled before me.

Well, about six months ago I read something about plotters, and pantsers… To give you a little history, I wrote my first book from the seat of my pants. I would talk to one of my close friends about some details and then write. Well when I sat back and read it, it was always so much more than what I had talked to my friend about.

However, I found the above mentioned terms around the time I was editing-Ick.  If I used paper to write, well lets just say I might have crumpled and thrown away an entire forest by now! So, anyways, I got to thinking, maybe it’s because I am really a plotter, and because I didn’t realize that there was so MUCH to edit.

Well my next couple of projects I thought for sure they would go SO smoothly. NOT. AT. ALL. I have been suffering the worst case of writers block trying to hammer out all the details! I found myself second guessing everything about everything! And everytime I got stuck I started something new. (Because that story was going to be different, right? Not!)

So, I had to learn the hard way, I am a pantser! I have zero creative process when I try to hammer out the details of every chapter. Wow, all the trouble I could have saved myself if only I had paid attention to the obvious, huh?

I also found I love my story so much more when I find myself just as surprised about the outcome as a reader! And that passion shows through to the readers. If I am not enthralled and in love with my story how on earth would someone else be? So, what are you guys, a pantser, or a plotter? Have you ever messed up your natural process by trying the other?

In short, stick with the process you’re comfortable in, because if you don’t the discomfort will show through your story! Ekk!

Happy writing all!