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Monday, December 31, 2012

CP ad

Heya friends!

This year has been trying on my will-power as a writer. I know we all have our insecurities, and struggles on this journey and that is how the field is weeded out and narrowed down. IMO, anyways.

I have gotten little writing done this year-well that’s not true. I wrote a lot accumulated, just like a gazillion different projects. Two are 90% done, my goal for the first two months of the year is to finish the first draft of those. 


Even though I didn't accomplished as much writing this year as I would have liked, it was a tremendous year for learning about the writing world and communities! I found a critique website, which is where i found my very first CP! I entered a contest, (didn't win,) But i did find another website dedicated to the writing community and putting writers together. http://cpseek.com/index.php

On twitter I found a bunch of new writerly types, it’s all kinds of good fun! Then I saw all these awesome critique groups that given themselves cool names and seem to have all kinds of fun and stuff. I got to thinking i want a good group of CP's! I've read somewhere there finding CP's is like dating, you go through a few to find the right ones.

I adore the one I have-which I am grateful that I found such an awesome first one. But I figure a couple more eyes one the MS wouldn't hurt. So in a long round-about way I am saying this is more of a personal ad for CP's. Here we go with the personal ad stuff.


Me- I am a mother of three kids ranging from seven to four. I'm youngish-oldish (27) I'm wife to a badass guy-he's all lovey and supportive and stuff-

I am very sarcastic- like 98% of the time.

I say what’s on my mind too often-which has caused some seriously awkward social situations.

I never say things to be mean-if they are taken that way just know that was never my intention.

I joke when I am uncomfortable. (They're usually awkward jokes that only I laugh at.)

I swear a lot more than I would like to admit to.

One of my favorite authors is Richelle Mead

I loved The Hunger Games

Vampire Academy

Twilight (Please don't throw tomatoes!)

Beautiful Creatures

All of V.C Andrews books

The entire One for The Money series

Anything by Janet Evanovich- seriously-she's freaking awesome!

I love movies like-

Scary Movie- all of them

Vampires Suck

House bunny

Underworld (Are you seeing a theme here?)

I love all music- but lean more towards Rock on a daily bases.

Joan Jett is seriously my idol and a genuine badass. (I also like the word badass, but am picky about who i call that.)

I'm pretty infatuated with Johnny Depp. Mmmmmm.
If any of that sounds about up your alley you need help- kidding- please comment here or send along a message. We can do an interviewish chat and maybe do a sample chapter crit or something!

Happy New Years Everyone!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown Connecticut

Yesterday lives were forever scarred, changed for the worse. Beautiful sweet lives were stolen in a selfish cowardly act of violence. I have been sitting here watching my children and i cannot help the tears from falling.

As soon as i heard my reaction was "go get your daughter from school." I have been hugging all three of them as much as i can. Every chance i get. As parents it is our job, one we pride ourselves in, that we're here to protect them.

This monster robbed so many of that and so much more. Leaving the world speechless and shaken to the core. I wanted to take a moment to say to Newtown Connecticut, the nation is crying with you. Your loss is beyond words.

This song is for all the angels-including the heroic teachers- that this world was robbed of yesterday.

R.I.P Angels, you will be forever remembered and loved.

Monday, December 3, 2012


So—I just realized I start nearly every blog post with "so"—how annoying. Anyways, I was puttering around my house today thinking about my work, and I realized I draw inspiration from some seriously random things.

One book full of mystical beings was inspired by a YouTube video of a man in a fire suit.

Another was inspired by a whistling noise that sounded suspiciously like the sound effect Hollywood uses for missiles.

These are only two examples out of many—I just found it funny how the smallest, most random things can inspire an entire novel, song, or poem. What are some things that have inspired your work?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bad, bad critter!

So today—while I should have been writing—much like now, I was nosing around on my preferred crit site (Which is wonderful by the way) and I saw something that really irked me.

Now I am not a sensitive person, not in my personal life, and most definitely not in my professional. (My husband might disagree, but that’s just hearsay, so moving on.) When I place a piece up for review I expect—no scratch that I want my fellow aspiring authors to chew it up and spit it out.

However, while wandering around today I saw someone who gave a fellow critter a piece of advice. Without saying too much or offending anyone, it was rude, the person told them that they couldn’t finish because there was too much that needed to be done. Okay, that’s okay, but don’t commit to critting anothers work unless you can FINISH. It is a waste of both your time, but that isn’t the worst part! They followed up by telling the person to go back to school.

Now I honestly believe that the person wasn’t trying to be rude, but, seriously? I received one crit where the person stopped after a few paragraphs and said that they just couldn’t bear to read on, there was no flow. It was annoying because—well what was the point of taking up his time, and mine to read the useless non-information.

Tell me why there was no flow; tell me what was breaking it up, what was so bothersome? Doing so is what we are there for, right? Now I took that crit with a grain of salt because it seemed that my YA story wasn’t up his alley in the first place. Six out of the eight crits I received chewed the story up and spit it out, with constructive feedback, and helpful ideas, they pointed out confusing and weak spots, but over-all flow wasn’t a complaint anyone else had.

So, what I am saying is, if you’re getting into a crit and find that you’re too bored, or not feeling dedicated enough to finish, please, for the sake of everyone, don’t go on, cancel and move on. As writers we ask for crits to learn, improve, and to strengthen plots. I follow that rule of thumb when critting. Do I crit a little less, yes, but I feel good about the fact that the ones I do are useful.


Happy writing all! J