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Monday, December 31, 2012

CP ad

Heya friends!

This year has been trying on my will-power as a writer. I know we all have our insecurities, and struggles on this journey and that is how the field is weeded out and narrowed down. IMO, anyways.

I have gotten little writing done this year-well that’s not true. I wrote a lot accumulated, just like a gazillion different projects. Two are 90% done, my goal for the first two months of the year is to finish the first draft of those. 


Even though I didn't accomplished as much writing this year as I would have liked, it was a tremendous year for learning about the writing world and communities! I found a critique website, which is where i found my very first CP! I entered a contest, (didn't win,) But i did find another website dedicated to the writing community and putting writers together. http://cpseek.com/index.php

On twitter I found a bunch of new writerly types, it’s all kinds of good fun! Then I saw all these awesome critique groups that given themselves cool names and seem to have all kinds of fun and stuff. I got to thinking i want a good group of CP's! I've read somewhere there finding CP's is like dating, you go through a few to find the right ones.

I adore the one I have-which I am grateful that I found such an awesome first one. But I figure a couple more eyes one the MS wouldn't hurt. So in a long round-about way I am saying this is more of a personal ad for CP's. Here we go with the personal ad stuff.


Me- I am a mother of three kids ranging from seven to four. I'm youngish-oldish (27) I'm wife to a badass guy-he's all lovey and supportive and stuff-

I am very sarcastic- like 98% of the time.

I say what’s on my mind too often-which has caused some seriously awkward social situations.

I never say things to be mean-if they are taken that way just know that was never my intention.

I joke when I am uncomfortable. (They're usually awkward jokes that only I laugh at.)

I swear a lot more than I would like to admit to.

One of my favorite authors is Richelle Mead

I loved The Hunger Games

Vampire Academy

Twilight (Please don't throw tomatoes!)

Beautiful Creatures

All of V.C Andrews books

The entire One for The Money series

Anything by Janet Evanovich- seriously-she's freaking awesome!

I love movies like-

Scary Movie- all of them

Vampires Suck

House bunny

Underworld (Are you seeing a theme here?)

I love all music- but lean more towards Rock on a daily bases.

Joan Jett is seriously my idol and a genuine badass. (I also like the word badass, but am picky about who i call that.)

I'm pretty infatuated with Johnny Depp. Mmmmmm.
If any of that sounds about up your alley you need help- kidding- please comment here or send along a message. We can do an interviewish chat and maybe do a sample chapter crit or something!

Happy New Years Everyone!!!