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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown Connecticut

Yesterday lives were forever scarred, changed for the worse. Beautiful sweet lives were stolen in a selfish cowardly act of violence. I have been sitting here watching my children and i cannot help the tears from falling.

As soon as i heard my reaction was "go get your daughter from school." I have been hugging all three of them as much as i can. Every chance i get. As parents it is our job, one we pride ourselves in, that we're here to protect them.

This monster robbed so many of that and so much more. Leaving the world speechless and shaken to the core. I wanted to take a moment to say to Newtown Connecticut, the nation is crying with you. Your loss is beyond words.

This song is for all the angels-including the heroic teachers- that this world was robbed of yesterday.

R.I.P Angels, you will be forever remembered and loved.