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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nykki's many faces of lunacy

"You stole my donut! Damn you to hell! I shake my fist at you!"

Hi loves,

Today I spent the better half of the day making a video of my dad- who most of you know is terminally ill- and I was feeling sad when I stumbled on another video I had made last year, the actual video is pretty silly, but I started going through the snapshots and was cracking up at the many faces of lunacy that I found. So I thought I would share it so you guys can get a laugh too! 

Yes, sadly, talking to me in person, these are almost all expressions you might run across.
No, the captions are not actually what I was talking about... 




"I have powerful fingers, you turkey neck!"

"Have you ever heard a fish fart?"

"No, your mother is toad diarrhea."

Yea, so, here ya go, Nykki's many faces of lunacy.
Haha, feel free to caption them in the comments. Just no copying of pictures, I only share my crazy with people I like. Shhh.