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Monday, June 3, 2013

KINGDOME COME- M. Smith review

"The world is coming to an end, and "Crazy Kerrigan" has a front-row seat. Centuries ago, scrolls calling forth the four horsemen of the apocalypse were discovered, sealed until their rightful heirs were born. Now, those scrolls are being opened. When her small town crumbles during her stay in an institution for troubled teens, eighteen-year-old Kerrigan Monroe is one of the few left standing. She and a handful of other survivors take cover as everything they've ever known is reduced to rubble. When the smooth voice behind a cryptic radio broadcast beckons her to a safe house, she and the others abandon their temporary haven, and embark on a cross-country journey toward refuge. Upon discovering the identity of the man behind the voice, Kerrigan is smacked with the revelation that he's not the only heir to these scrolls. Now, she must make a choice: join this dark stranger and lead the New World by his side, or fight for what's left of humanity. Either decision will bring power. Either decision will bring death."

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First let me start by giving Michelle Smith a standing ovation for keeping me up at night and ignoring my chores, books that can do that are the reason I read.

I loved this story for several reasons, the first was the world building, it was smooth and realistic. The story takes you on an epic, heartbreaking journey with five troubled teens and a doctor trying to survive the apocalypse.

The characters are unforgettable, and completely three-dimensional, I laughed (mostly because Danny.) I cried, and I cheered them all on the entire way. Kerrigan is strong and has a heart of gold. She never wavers from her morals and stands up for what is right the entire way.
Another favorite about this book is that Smith isn’t afraid to break our hearts to keep the story going strong. This book kept me up at night, long after I had put it down, and I have a feeling it is one of those that stay with me for life. I can’t wait for more from Michelle.