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Friday, August 16, 2013

It Is my complete honor and privilege to be a part of  Maria DeSouza's cover reveal and all it's glory! And it is glorious, LOVE LOST is set to release on Sept. 30, 2013


Love can come into your life in an instant, and leave just as quickly....

Jason Straiz is a New York detective working on a case to bring down a major crime lord.
He keeps his life simple. Work. Family. Friends.
Until he meets Selene.

Selene is a lawyer on a mission.
Her goal is to bring down the monster that has been terrorizing her for years.
When she meets Jason, the attraction is intense.
When Selene realizes Jason is after the same person she is, he becomes a complication.
When his case and her mission collide, will her secrets destroy a future they could have together?
Can he handle the truth about her?
Can love truly conquer all or is there a limit?

Cover Model is Joe Marvullo
Link to his FB Page:  Go get 'em ladies!

Cover Designer: Rochelle McGrath from Shamrock Cover Designs
Link to her FB Page:  You can find her awesome cover designer (Shamrockcoverdesigns) here.
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Some love to the awesome photographers-
   Front cover was done by Jubert Gilay, back cover with the rose was done by David Massa
Jubert Page link...https://www.facebook.com/JubertGilayPhotography
David Page Link....https://www.facebook.com/DavidMassaPhoto
Take a moment to get to know Maria DeSouza!

     I am a 31 yr old NJ native, not to be mistaken for the craziness that is the NJ Housewives or Jersey Shore! I have two children, who are my life and family that makes me want to scream at times, but I love them. I started my affair with reading and writing at a young age. I loved where books took me, and wished for the day when I would meet my dream boat. (Yes, I referred to my future man as a dream boat. Child of the 80s here!) I grew up on Stephen King, Nora Roberts, and anything my library would let me borrow. I would always grab a notebook and start writing about the books I read because I wanted the story to continue. I never took it seriously until I had a friend a few years ago tell me that I needed to publish my work after I wrote down a short story. My reaction was…yeah, right! The words stuck with me and I was constantly asked, “Did you write more? Are you done?” A back injury put my writing on hold for almost 2 yrs and last year, I found the WIP file and started reading. Then, I started writing and adding to it. That little dream turned story will be my debut novel, Love Lost.


Hi Maria, thank you for taking the time for this interview! Let’s get started.

Nykki- Why don’t you tell us something about yourself that isn’t commonly known?    

Maria –  I am obsessed with keychains.  LOL.  I like to collect them, and I hate when I have to pick which ones to have on my keyring.  I can’t have them all since It would like weigh a million pounds.

Nykki- This one I am always curious about with other authors. Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Maria – I am a little of both.  I know how I want my story to go, but I usually change it once I start writing.  New twists seem to pop up as I write.  Gotta love the twists that keep you on your toes. J

Nykki- Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Maria – You’re killing me with this.  *whips out a list*  Let me see.  LOL.   I have a lot of authors that I am in awe of their writing.  Some that I have personally watched grow as authors and into being published authors.   I think if you can get me to cry when you write, I will hate you at first, but then I will love you.    Rock on with the ugly crying!

Nykki- LOL, ugly crying is the best! What is one thing you have to have when you’re in your writing “cave”?

Maria – MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!  I am trying to quit but it doesn’t seem to be working. *reaching for her glass*


Nykki- Haha Mountain Dew addicts unite! What other books are similar to your own?  What makes them alike?

Maria – I haven’t read anything like Love Lost yet.  But I haven’t been reading much lately due to all the writing.  I feel like I need to take a break in btw Love Lost and the sequel so I can have a few days to read.   I miss my books!  My TBR list is like 1000 books and growing.  

Nykki- That’s okay, we know how it is… I am a self-proclaimed kindle hoarder. Who is you favorite character from your book, and why?

Maria – *blushing*  I love Jason.  He is just…..real.    You are drawn to him from the moment you read about him.  He is gorgeous and has an amazing personality.  You can’t help but want him.  I do.  I need a Jason in my life!!!

Nykki- What are your hardest scenes to write?

Maria – The end is the hardest for me to write.  I think it’s like a goodbye in terms of the book.  I find myself delaying the ending because I don’t want to say goodbye.  I hate goodbyes.  They suck.

Nykki- Can you give us an idea of what’s next for you?

Maria – I have a sequel for Love Lost.  I was thinking of making it a trilogy, but I may rethink that depending on how book 2 goes.  I have another series, and it is paranormal.   A few standalone romance books as well.  My brain is on overdrive as of late.

Nykki- What is the best advice you have for aspiring authors?

Maria – How much time do you have?  LoL.  

1.      Always write what you want to write.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are not good enough. 

2.      Get into groups with authors in your genre.  You will not believe how helpful that is.  

3.      If you get a bad review, don’t let it bother you.  Take it in stride, and move on.  Not everyone will like your book, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have fans.  You can’t please everyone.


Nykki- Now that is great advice, I think that it is easy to get sucked into trying to please everyone. What was the deciding factor between being an indie author vs. traditional? 

Maria - Traditional authors are authors that get published by a publishing company.  They are featured in bookstores and have a lot more publicity.  Indie authors publish on their own and have to do everything on their own.  Indie authors have a lot more say to their books than traditional authors.  Indie authors decide when to publish whereas traditional authors are told when their book will be released.  There are some indie authors that eventually sign contracts to become traditional authors.  There are perks to both types. 

So we have to keep our eyes on Maria, it sounds like she has a lot in store for us! Thank you Maria for taking the time for doing this it’s been fun! J

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