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Friday, June 26, 2015


I've got great news! I'm almost finished with Cursed!
I was thinking it was time to show off my pretty cover!

Gina is no stranger to the dark side of life. She’s been walking the tightrope with death for years. But when she starts actually seeing the dead, the carefully constructed balance in her life is thrown off. 

When Mrs. Peterson, the mean old lady down the road dies, she insists that Gina go find her cat. The old woman leads Gina right to her great-nephew, Ben, who happens to be incredibly sexy, and knows just how to get under the armor Gina has built up around herself.
After a vengeful spirit targets Gina, and everyone that matters to her has given up, Ben may be the only person who can help her. But will she be able to pick herself up this time? And what does Ben have to gain from their unlikely friendship?
Sometimes the brightest lights come on the darkest of days. They may both be in for more than they bargained for, and they might just be exactly what they never knew they needed. 

(Note from Author: This is a spinoff of Sacrificed featuring some of your favorite characters and a whole new level of bizarre.)

And now for the pretty cover!!! **Drumroll**

A big shout out to Tonya at double j book graphics, thank you for making this stunning cover!

 This is basically Gina's theme song throughout the book!

The publication date is to be announced, but, i'm aiming for the end of July!