Dream big or go home!

I love to read, but at the end of the day i love writing more! Sharing my writing adventures one at a time!


Nykki is a mad-woman who writes things, lots of things. Sometimes she writes horror, other times fantasy. 
She was super excited to write this Bio in third person because it made her feel super special. In the daytime hours she's a substitute teacher extraordinaire. Otherwise you can find her making sweet music on her keyboard—because she’s weird and likes the sound of typing—or spending time with her adorable kids and best friend AKA super husband. Who’s all lovey and supportive of her writing (Because he secretly hopes he can quit his day job someday—before he retires.)

You can also reach out to Nykki on her twitter and Facebook, where she may or may not talk about herself in third person... Occasionally. She may be funny (Sometimes). She is also a professional potty mouth, alas, that job doesn’t pay. *Sigh*